I Can Remember Becoming Deeply Concerned

Brendan White

I can remember becoming deeply concerned. 
A vast surge of information
Fell like rain on every worker 
        And filled their face with fruit.         

The goal isn’t to shut down the party and take
All the fun out of the risk spectrum.
My new job will start just after my severance pays out,
        And when my phone charges I’ll go to the library. 

The weather’s been sort of nice, the sun’s allowed 
To chew city scenery and soften gum. 
I’m going to read about sunstaring systems
        Til my neck starts to hurt again.

Last quarter we achieved some convincing efficiencies, 
But I doubt we can win by collapsing
All of the things we think are good
        Into a single sandwich. 

There’s very little fresh meat; need is so many bananas. 
The heart can ignore most things,
But all these gorgeous older buildings,
        They’re just not designed to cashflow. 

He that believeth shall not make haste. 
Most of their studies commanded respect. 
Many of the top people in my category 
        Grew up to be confused and regretful.

They know enough to give us close to what we want 
That we may do their work, their strange work,
And bring to pass their act, their strange act,
        That turns with the turn of a budget year.