There's Another Lament I Won't Get Into

Brendan White

There’s another lament I won’t go into.
I’m on the altar. I get that a lot.
     The future’s the visible effect of combustion.
     Money will stick to whatever.

I would want to sleep. I am going to work.
I already knew there were ads in the urinal.
     Like you can do better. This
     And death are portioned to all.

The game never changes. I went into labor
After eating a very spicy burrito.
     Congested and also afraid.
     I’m really surprised you’re mad.

If I knew another more useful than you
I would definitely rather live with him.
     I’ve hedged every one of our bets.
     My manager said to relax.

It’s funny you think that. I’ve never been mad,
Try garlic in selzer. Let me try being clear.
     In the jungle the strangest of animals,
     In the ocean the uglier fish.    

Most migratory birds aren’t trying to catch a case. 
I love you writing in the birdcoop atrium. 
     You are handy but not resourceful,
     I’m resourceful but not helpful.

I’m starting to realize it’s more than I realize.
He was red-faced and sulky all through the meeting.
     My boss complains about management.
     They’re only taking cash right now.

I sat there overwhelmed, and you
Were in no position to be overwhelmed.
     The void is ahead on the right,
     Keep an eye on the void up ahead.

I want a cauliflower. I have lotion in my
Gloves. You know who else slept in latex?
     Just make a list of questions,
     I dust all my things with my dust.

Boilerplate girds the abyss. My husband agrees.
How many times a week do your spirits lift?
     It was clear till it happened. 
     That’s the price to see the underthing. 

Do you like hanging out with me on the phone?
Are you my mother? Am I bothering you?
     Objectivity is not the answer.
     I’ll call you as soon as I’m up.