Cubism’s Just Deserts

Wayne Koestenbaum

dark tunnel of biopsy

the drawing not adequately wrapped

rain and knives emerge from disgusting silver pouch

boy reciprocation resting on Princess-and-the-Pea mattress

vulnerability interstice failing the fat hairy

Henry or Henrietta falling off the porch or into the porch’s hole

kielbasa falling onto Rem Koolhaus patio

playthings rubberized and hypoallergenic on floor

uncle not ocular but palpated

bald opening porch door to Amahl and the Night Visitors

shushed neckers at Montgomery Theater

craning forward to hear forgotten rat lines

mother observing rat

father observing mother observing rat

French textbook folded in half as dissident act

I’m the girl waking up in the hospital

or I’m near the girl

receiving puppets as trophies for surviving surgery

what kind of surgery

dragons in your mouth as a symptom

sing lieder while getting injections

sharp mother-posture at foot of bed

transistor radio as fairy talisman

crackle of poor reception

the radio’s red leather case more occult than the radio