The Pontification Factory and Its Siblings

Wayne Koestenbaum

paintings can be anthologies

try on a wedding dress

Buñuel dictated a memoir

liquid pooling beneath the cathedral

desuetude of the almost empty glass

more apricots please for Paul Bunyan and his lying cousin

puncturing the newspaper at its already caved-in omphalos

sweat’s repetitiveness

Gruyère attic and carrot windmill

stricture scratches on the chimney

timpani window shattered by horn-player’s lesbian father

taxonomies of the uninformed bridal party

when she is dimpled by circumstance

“trust-fund baby” they called her obelisk

pacing into the witchcraft area

sensate soles on knotted roots

obeying Cain to get rid of some karma

forfeiting the rowboat

shrugging away your right to star in the mystery play

erasing the veined hands because they’re plagiarists

even if the Marshall Plan danced a rigaudon

pass around cigars to celebrate a new toilet

excavate a new toilet if you must verify

not the toilet you expect from kingdom come

the arrangement was satisfactory she concluded after a long nap