Apology for Dadaism

Wayne Koestenbaum

telling the son that my gems are his

like Baby fleeing from Katharine Hepburn

you never unlocked your penury

the Loch Ness insistence of his shaved head

in the clerestory if there is a clear story

if not, then in a green suit piss later pianissimo

the urine guard splashes back on the green suit

as an apology for Dadaism

fragments of his Nachlass

apricot like the maestro burned by house fire

philanderer with a Nehru collar

sex-pad Brahms D minor concerto discussion sessions

Winchester Mystery House and New Year’s Eve detention camp Brandy Alexander

theatrical maven forfeiting erotic credibility

horror YouTube glimpses for prophylaxis against work-ethic

sudden or slow weight gain as a “broken Coriolanus”

the oft-repeated nerd-parka amble toward the “intense inane”

homeward atop snob-incorrigibility of you who are now dead

in a mint making sleep caca coins

serrated edges to lick while the failure wafers pile up inside your wish

offering his apartment as love-tryst locale

anger arm with square snob-mole

do I incarnate the mole or repudiate it

thirst in snowfall waiting for lunch box

that’s true, I visited the Frito-Lay factory and it stank

indexicality of chip stink

no flight possible from stink rising above educational tour

free bag of Fritos as reward for inculcation

bite the bag to open it

ride in the police car’s front seat for indoctrination

swimming coach adiposity and cleft chin

short lethal pedagogues

puberty is criminal

unexplained cyclone arriving in your body

can a habitat become a ghost town if you desire the habitat too vocally