Things We Don't Like That We Don't Like

Cecily Iddings

No one there
and everyone here
dying to make me
room, in which in dying
they left a lot undone.
Whereof I do not know
thereof I can’t be curious,
why does it adhere
as much to the idea
as the shopping guide?
Everyone continues to prefer
the image of a person
above all else, whether
handsome or grotesque
or a queen addressing you
that is the artist.
We like gossip.
A rumor makes me
wonder. I want to do
everyone, but no one
there, no one there, no
one here. Here I must be
a house you knock on
that only knocks back.
Difficult to know
if anyone is ever at home.
I want to do everything
I don’t understand. Coming
inside I read a sentence
aspiring to do
a little thing, putting dust
in the corner, paint
on the floor, move around
the modifiers.
The sentence offered a little room.
Yes, it said, it matters
what you say about me
like it matters what I like
when I try to like.