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Glass Is a Sand Castle

Tom Blood

a wing grass lay hiding
in a tree mirror image
silver hands turning for rain
first I will find my feet and then a path
in this city of challenged passion

clay edges exude city eye iris
aviation, an art and dwelling

we recall passing days of half glasses
noticeable absent leaves and snails

wolf crossing stream bees
eating bear eye marble
rose tree wool

salamander mesh
lion cormorant shaken awake
city of one architect
spider crawls outside your mind
in the midst, a mood, not a truth

a pouch or place that stays home
stretched out wrestling interstices, passions
objects and actions, shelves and memories
as the blind wrestle
a loop hand pulling marble from sand
slowing seagull slayers of change

sand marble hand gulls
coats repeat blue octaves
fix of stars fountain
tiller, turner over of things
searching for the keys of a place

I saw a hawk representing today
the hawk knew I know rabbit
would I the whole under rabbit mind
wind in the shed move wing
of a dragon fly carapace from the shelf