Can We Return

Tom Blood

can you return to something that is not a location
and release a bird to the ground
in a gown acceptance the past branches

I was living as a crane
not for names of inanimate stuff butting heads
framing my home, a release, a hoe of day
all bloom offering flowers
for words of our emotions

Miami man seeing what Miami really is
in we that look amongst each other
as criminals or trees faking zebras

mirrors of only half our action
we spoke a theatric
jaguar mint bus chorus
here, the rain hooks
glow of sun horse blinds

the thing is how you shift yourself to the meaning,
trees make decoration of ego
birds in unsafe distance

I roll into a ball, more of a frog, more sensual and less mental
a turn in the walking shiver gallons of rain
now I am held in pants, a pickle grin
alone at a tavern, a grain of sun lapsing

the beginning of the song is therominy
a yellow ground zoo smell gourd chunk
oven and gather eve answers to its own externality
gourd, calm and gathered weave

should I dissolve into water
remove like oatmeal at dawn where I start
in a small stream, more now than since then
as bristly breath sun myrtle
extending to the chickens
my knee and quiet eye to cry in open stream
I am myriad, indefinite in a glass sea