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Bird Sketches

Tom Blood

we talk standing by a monument
moth, part decided by moth
book apricot
goblet mass held, wonder if it is distinct
content of satchel and shadow tree factions

a zebra is more than half thought
don’t look to what it has but what it gives
a bees search of perfect violet
in a magic shop, a lot is not real or reveals
walling words of unapproachable people

reached by transit rabbits
in a normal place, porcelain bells
I scattered a bliss in my yard in Minneapolis
quiet shuttering beast relationship oyster

hole looked through to see
cycle adding background words for the origin
arranging the place to a belief
in the beauty to imagine our moods as types of sky

horse eagle clouds
shit isn’t as simple as words for a night
left in the woods, where bells send referees in iron pants
falcon wall tree whale bus and you
Sasquatch stem fur hand pea
mouth full of paper, two birds collide

in the beauty to imagine
bees ease anything a star
any of the birds providing line hammer
on the anvil prairie shower
pigeons open joy people show to cameras
from orange to orchids
familiar as something lost
seeing the absence of forest for absence of trees