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Black Stygian Lotus

Tom Blood

nights we can’t tell apart
surround in warm puddles
as the chains link wire and fire
almost anything can be brought up in metaphor
seeking the under moles, mice
molds and worms
we make our symbols of cave mounds
your friends get naked and read your poems

my time of loss is up
hovered in geese location and falling
tried for conclusion with journey
got on the train as a package propagate
went for multiplicities and multiple cities
but the numbers didn’t end or release
in the hobo emptiness of my shoes

poor as an opening to conversation
we twiddle toes in the cold
scientists abuse the tongue with knowledge of fur
the teeth of a collapsed start should’ve
it abuses the concept of work and death
to assume a category from an urn and a punch-clock
microfiche obituaries, water logged flat files
in the catastrophe of library

there was nothing at the end
paper mache woods for robins, memories of eggs
an orange jump suit, a zoo cage
I wake indeterminate and morose
in immediate and practical air
interrogation of coffee poured for the sheriff

my body watches the brain carry it to jail
and again, yellow falling color threads
behind glass window slits
a wary fear guides my intensed eye
among things and similarities
how and why I peed in the sheriffs hands
as a startling life shaking the toad
things repeat and bang blue
knees at the spring where I crossed trees
black dog island

trees snap from the river
to freedom stream mind turtle path
expecting some I would remain
looking between
layer substitute transition elk head in bucket
continuously through you
named, a loss, my heart torn apart
between rainy elk representations
forged river deltas
mud slow goons and hymns
we make it sleep, in vista calm wolves

have I lost you, to worry
and what we will do after death