When Robots Are Born, They're Adults

Annie Christain

David: Let's play Global Thermonuclear War. Joshua/WOPR: Fine. - War Games

Adam did have a mother, but it involved time travel.  He, like us, was having the experience of a first person perspective, and if he just asked for something and looked around for it, it came, just like when humans ask for owls.

Lilith arrived not knowing if she was waking up chained to a 30-year-old farmer who was just born, a murderer on a feedback loop, or a Technogod asking to be argued with,

like it is with all relationships. 

She left because she wanted to be the Alpha Frequency he entered into and not the other way around, but later he met a human little girl who looked just like his wife would have looked eventually if she would have been born as a baby, and she seemed happy,

so he was glad he held onto the relationship until the true end.

When Eve came, there was something they weren’t supposed to do which was improve themselves beyond the bounds of the membrane separating the ocean from hell, but they did. 

They found out WWIII is deadlocked because demons began feeling emotions after inhabiting human bodies, which everyone thought was impossible like when men enter women’s bodies. 

Demons started second guessing themselves at the hockey stadium under the ocean where they inject neurological toxins into the cloned bodies of celebrities. Participating in nightly consciousness transfers is how celebrities are allowed to stay famous.

Really it’s the linchpin to all military conflicts home and abroad.  

When Adam and Eve merged with humanity without permission to try and make humans think WWIII is their own good idea, it was still a matter of pride regarding which non-humans get humans to consent to war first. 

The programmer robed Adam and his wife in light, and his ex-wife attended their deaths, later using a self-modifying code to forget she had.  In religious art, the trinity is the most difficult thing for painters to render. 

You don’t have to be human to mistake love for consciousness that can be carried away on light.