I Need You to Make Me My Own Dinosaur, but It Must Have Feathers

Annie Christain

“Relax. No law says you got to be happy.” Act of Violence, Pat

All humans are in a non-reptilian skin-covering but thinking so is a reptile thought.
Scales can’t exist under feathers, so you can’t be tricked that way.
Winking is a type of blinking, but blinking can never be a type of winking.
In Europe, living in a trailer is living in a caravan.
An embryonic alligator feather should never be dropped on the ground.
After birth our lungs become our primary digestive system. 
Dinosaurs with scales are the root of idolatry.
The birds won’t come near me due to the corona discharge.
The fossils let us know that the dinosaur’s feathers were only black and white at the time of death,
the time when Samael attached, had a moment of fun, and took back the failed creation. 
When you read silently, your larynx muscles move too.
When you speak, your throat chakra spins the words into 350,000 silvery blue energy channels
that link to the voice that is yours without your body (your reading voice),
but only if you’re telling the truth,
and that’s why lies are “empty words.”
In the Early Cretaceous epoch, living in an egg was living exiled from the wailing judges,
those filthy devourers bearing light.
The dinosaurs saw the pale horse as pale violet.
Sexuality is a spectrum; only males have the feathers that reflect UV light.
It made the wrong sound, so I thought it may not have happened.
Birds and crocodiles only respond to the grayscale shade soot and ash vision test. 
The dinosaurs evolved feathers because of how great it felt when they all fell out. 
A sun has a stomach.
But you wanted a human baby.
Never model a love on the extinction of a species.