{unattainable in this ruby tuesday}

Chris Campanioni

between our first
act & the third
I golden

hour your navel
partial to a 3 to 1
aspect ratio his AI

avatars harvest
an extra set of legs my own
affinity to be stroked 

by unrecognized & decussating 
palms can’t you 
tell I never

gave up this life
of puppy
dom at the cut

rate repast I request 
my spread be served
with the heads on 

I’ll show you my data
set if you 
show me yrs

that raw yet crispy salmon
unattainable in this ruby
tuesday so I aspire to leek

consciousness can I 
melt with you can I
stop the world

my heartbeats
so far & few between
unless you ask

I catty-corner my quadricep
along the slat of flesh
that bears no name

remember not
all angels
have wings

where once was a nipple
is a tongue
let’s indulge our unethical

curiosity to fall 
silent as I absorb
the host 

weren’t we always
images of people
who did not exist