trinitarian formula

Chris Campanioni

before the sky
glows again we rise

to source
the harvest

careful to unroll
our exterior

casing as cables
moisten what remains

to be sown
since I am 

youngest I follow

collapse my own
face into a grin 

membrane lining
the air

ducts a rim

mainframe & sea
floor cast & flattened

torso rotation
sound & smell

of each part as 
we recalibrate & 

join port
sensory flexion

to a script
may it happen

with flesh buffed
& succored by

magnetic breath as
the earth purges

inaudibly each layer
inverting odorless

waste we traffic
discarded & raw

to the touch 
a pink juicy

center & your serrated salt
& vinegar chips 

equip theory
with practice

pickling these
blessèd eggs

he lowers
his eyes as my head

hardens into the before
form of your shaky hand

held cam I craft
a bouquet of denuded

limbs against my palm’s
bark & flare

my tongue signal
for applause then bow

since worship begins
with inclination here

installs the lack of surface
enmesh the I & he & you

retain such memories last
century or another nature 

& origin we fondle 
the upside down

as blood rush retreat
to click

farm the crops 
in shadow

rising again
before the glow

nourishes us deliverance