Trivial Pursuit

Jonathan Stout

Out, side the Kum & Go dumpster:
A catalepsy of pigeons throw a mark
On blue, ricocheted with contrail, vanishing
Behind six stories of brutalist architecture, –
Rectilinear, concrete stamps on stucco
Walls, each story given a door, designed
With collapsible aluminum v-joint fence –
Appearing, again, to rest on top the roof.

Once an elevator, maybe, for the odd
Loading dock, a floating commodity, mirage.
Masonry block hedge-keep partitions
Retaining wall-bend a way away from truth
Layers of paint peel, dizzy deposition, there’s
Aluminum crush, sever creek, methane,
Diesel soot, a plastic bottle for that lung
Wracked in a good autumn, a Saturday bath.

Months ago, stray car, Americana summer
De jour, pulled up, stroked out, bulldozed
Through what once that very day
Was a window a way in before heading out.
Bore in, – agree – there be a whole remains
In scuff-scrub, aphanitic alleyway, asphalt
Petri dish, to want it, a cloud moan show,
Garbage and wasps present, up, over the wall.