Not dumb, but not the smartest. Not ugly, but not drop-dead  

gorgeous. Not clumsy, but not graceful. Not great at making  

friends, but not bad at it either. Not naïve, but not worldly. Not  

oblivious, but not quick. Not a bad dancer, but not a good 

ballerina. Not stiff, but not as supple as the rest. Not fat, 

but not thin enough. Not dark, but not light enough. 

Not hostile, but not agreeable enough. Not dumb, but 

not the smartest. Not fake, but not genuine. Not warm, 

but not cold either. Not smiling, but not frowning.  

Not slutty, but not prudish. Not a virgin, but not  

a whore. Not easy, but not unwilling. Not staying,  

but not leaving, Not taking, but not giving.  Not hurt, but  

not unharmed. Not volatile, but not even-tempered. Not 

tall, but not short. Not used, but not untouched. Not carefree, 

but not concerned. Not scared, but not at ease. Not plain,  

but not flashy. Not ugly, but not drop-dead gorgeous.  

Not hopeful, but not pessimistic. Not happy, but  

not sad. Not a person, but a body is she.