The Star Inside the Rock

Kit Robinson

No knock on namesake
Celebrity vibes
Caught up in folds of thought
History is relentless
No likelihood of neighborhood
Blue bottle fly by night stockings
The star inside the rock
Tunnels under the day
Down a green abyss
Wherein the planets lie lopsided
As many as you can tell
New information all the time
Changes the odds
Workshop of potential lit fuse

To give you first have to have
Next to a massive stone
Body mind at attention
Spirit bus pulling away
A person of appetites
Coastal trails in a light fog
Savagely falling asleep
A descender dropping down a whole line
As every utterance enters into exploration
Never will this mind of ours be still
Put on a hat and coat and boots
Trains of the westward ho
Coin enough to last
Belly up to the bar
Turn into something else