Mistakes Are Normal

Kit Robinson

You don’t refuse to breathe do you?
Neither here nor there
Hear traffic from lobby
A former train terminal
Locomotive sticking out
In big old historical photo

Oops, wrong building
A typical mistake
Assuming entropic coincidence
Where there is none
Except in the eye of the beholder

Poet gets wires crossed
Crosses street to other building
Cloud business
Needs everything
Dear Old Stockholm

Some poems
Are air tight
Symmetrical chambers
Others sprawl
Roots dragging clods of earth
Loose ends
Teeming with microbes

When you hear something
Act right away
Why wait?
The drums of morning resound in the hills
Time to get busy
Life flies in the face of reasons

The lawn chair empties
Into the weekday morning
The dream locomotive
Pulls the melody into the roundhouse
Whose voice is that?
At last it comes to me
It is Hector Lavoe, La Voz
Explaining something in valiant rhyme
Across eons
Newly revealed in the pale light of day

Mistakes are normal
Dolphy built a system
Memory is like a cheese

Don’t wait another moment
And while you’re waiting
Consider this
This need to be heard
That’s round and vibrant and unclassified as of yet

A turned over bucket for a table
Fragments of a life float forward
On wings of song
The turn of phrase is unimaginable in any other language
But this one, the language of stones
Obdurate integers in a steely calculus
That evaporates when you come to think of it

Books pile up
One meme, one tweet
Under God knows what

One thing happens
And then another
Ain’t that just like it?
Arranged in lines
That tell a story
Or make a song
As long as the day is long