Take Me to the Wondries

Jeremy Schmidt


You are our licky-podunk jubilee
are my stalker of the night


You are their Test Printing OK
are your undying reciprocatrix




Quick, there’s sugar
in the mainframe and
what they said we can’t
unsay so go


ahead: reduce, reduce




List every part of the body
list all the types of architecture
list all the birds

the birds




You are books: piles of meaning lying around.
You are every major media outlet
severed from its tanks, the meerkats
growling. For the first time


things are at ease with their beginnings.



Capacity (here).




Call numbers, begin          
in the middle of things as you must then
turn, face what you have formed
and speak in the voice of cotton               without temperature




Us a couple of untucked cowbots
wigs blown out to here

Ones who run the cutlery strut
halfway to second nature




Reckon we’ll sell our last few bonds
travel, turn a trick on
Main. Dip, faze: pond.







Dip.   Faze.   Pond.