Prowl of Hovering

Jeremy Hoevenaar

Arms having arms wrong as ordinary forces the true pavement to reveal its patents

Degradable as air bedding stammering towers in an unmet feeling of related

Smuggled lengths of thump, wakes, says to have said edible ideation, sunrise

Salute that dubious mark, mark that dubious salute, artful as congratulating rain
Only visible, flagging parody, thresheld in an accumulation of empty sets. Upon

Not mutually reclusive but aimed apposite at respective trails. Contrails, entrails

Breathing squint, everything contains its smoke, routing all the walls for ground

The money! It's not about that canned arrhythmia of digits ballooning tooth vapor

Everything baggage, sightly, swamped with generosities, glassed, everything turned

Year of the death of the motherfucker, year of one advice, year of full body nodding

Simmering plate casting immersion, the fan version. Kicked into body? Soundtrack

If collusion with a swollen hand in lieu of a newborn, fury eating expectant lineation

If grizzled steps dip, repetition tunes the season's precision scraps, every inch a factory

The old wired radius my destination, one oblate audible slip, dialogic curtains' mouthfeel

The music disappears into the keys, leaning priapic blue sucking a drab parity of clouds

What follows is too slow to be a network, more a door in the throat, outpaced by solidity

Some manufactured, some dug up, rude tongues, margined lips, porous ledge, ability

Brought to speechless enclosures, fulgent evasions, sheltered from or by minute liberties

Capricious magnetic strip! Glad-handling the timespan, hyphen-minded, a trophied life

Bare snooze, bare chew, inverted wake of a birthday, deskilling, swelling, sinking

Atomized parenting clenches the ambient selfhood, a fine mist you've gotten us into

Organs blooming in the ghostry, 500 organs strong, symphony of force, ordinary cells

Ordinary strobing relevance, puns spasming ashore, other poems and other poems

Promotional caesuras pock brain, no new brains this far out, this far out of line

Only elbows, infinite elbows, elbows for teeth, skin, nails, all bending, all in positioning

Page-turning totems, pre-emotional yowl and smother totems, plugged into home seizures

Trickle another life, smelling of dirt, nursing pudgy agency, arduous sunning

Filling evening's roomy cadence with streaks of furniture, slowly combing in the saturation

Tipping back a genre, calling in the murder, joining all the endings, joint dissolve

Autonomous knit, legs heaving legs to moor the torso to the head's encrypted axis

How much play in cubic retrieval, sleeping buoyant inversions, always the miscreant surge

Of the Earth, its cloven fonts, jagged passages compressed in long swaddled dark

Pass over all in concentrated throttle, sky-burying surplus context, trust in management

We let them go, day flatters back its mute hood, induced space lined with steepled panic

Measurement to hive in, sleeking cobble, puncturing primitive bark, bailing refrain

What counts as a transom among these obeyed flares, woken with stiff stitching

This not this bowing anything for any resonance, flanking unlegislated acknowledgment

Grunts of consensual pardon, the hologram broadens, a finely incised syncline

All sincere length, horizontal, green, fed by the sun, knocking at the sediment, admitted out

Fully lensed, planting improvised itineraries, dragging every noon into the square at once

End for the applause, punch balloons to undermine the mortar, hand over your dimension

Another complimentary injection of costume, how does it live, to mean unfolded

Facial semaphores, reddened in the update light, reified transfer of spectral welts

The light knows I'm there, how many ears ago, turned up for a moment's glare, sparing

The attack arrives from outside, the outside under the skin, skin scaffolded by speed

All the answers that are probably there, dust fording a digression of mountains

Today reads as actual, glory of all applied things, wringing absence into moted substance

What's not given is host to idle likeness, your home is eating you in the eating of its city

The distance music aches—you oxidize, grow softer, while the attic rearranges its efficacy

Breathless hermit, the lot, its cars tic against the sky, saved somewhere in formation

Roofs metabolize impositions of air, memorial in surrounding downstroke, loosing spinal nightfall

Elsewhere in the wherewithal—the fence sentences its way, in its way, spilling creases

Sleeping the sleep of intransigent wiring, the sleep of secret internets, deafening kneeling

Where the lines are grown, tissued, filed, righted, mirrored sublime, winding home

In the modified quiet, names billowing, backlit, stretched to implore the sensate wrecks

Carrying only extrapolated room-tone, camping in targets, stacking tenses, having an out

Of body lottery, neologistic cog ignition, tactical respiration, conjugated mapping

Magnetism-tossed in contravening winds of clearance, conversing pliant malls

Fuzzy are the productions staging my place, is there enough room to stand bodies

Back up, piecemeal, ordained in largesse, I address the valve, summoning friction

The mouth falls open, keeps falling, unbounded admission, all front matter

Trust in the ductwork, handed alignment, sleekly touchable among the raked and piled

Then traveled with my precise appearance, but whose pulse, long view of the convening

Helmets sending the day back muddled and full, recursive promise triplicate in glint

Recalling a certain virility, a shelter rendered there, we all agreed, a shelter in the current

Of units salubrious, diluted, but where life's early onset, wilting throat to throat in the road