Jon Ruseski

Forced to look at and think about my current works

It would rain

The medium gives me opportunity to really learn my palate

Songs that lead into other songs in my head

The other day I

Consulted the cards

About demons to choose

And you don’t want to know

The results


So here’s the thing

Turns out

You can get sort of

Carried away

And I’m just thinking about vegetable money

Like if it expired at the end of the season

And then it was gone

Like the time I saw the larger pattern

What would all these peaceful drones

Have to do with the clear, sad Americana

Spinning in my head?

In the end

We’re in the company of profits

Rest assured

Everything is in great shape

But there’s some residue

It’s just so stunning to see

Those echo-laden intervals

One might imagine that’s the only way to do it really

It’s what Jim said about endings

The blue lights at night

In gestures of feeling

Thank you for choosing Bank of America