just saying

Nolan Allan

no, i will not pass you the hot sauce

yes, i wrote a bildungsroman about ancient roman buildings, so what

no, i’m only fifty percent sure my house is haunted

yes, i’m the one who stole your opal collection

no, i’ll always be mad about how perfect tide pools are

yes, i watched you turn chartreuse when you thought no one could see

no, i can’t let you in the house

yes, i’m sure this is my first time

no, i don’t think pearls are vegan

yes, i know these references are annoying

no, i haven’t ever aged cheese for this long

yes, i would say those clouds look like they been painted on

no, i couldn’t care less

yes, i’ve got blood by the way

no, i will slow your aching heart like tides halting the earth

yes, i guess snails really are making a name for themselves these days

no, i won’t let you

yes, i loved you

no, i don’t know if i’m sure about that

yes, i am

no, i am

yes, i intend to become radiant upon a mountain

no, i rarely make it to that circle of hell

yes, i finally realized the problem was that i needed to touch a bunch of mysterious stuff
so i did i went and touched a bunch of mysterious stuff
and now i’m all good no problems
more like ninety nine problems but touching a bunch of mysterious stuff ain’t one