Eating Disorder

Izzy Casey

or is it deranged
gored rat inside.
rot raged inside
or is it dangered
goner. er, is it dad
or is it end. raged
I drag reeds into
a dog. tender iris
on a diet. girders
I atoned girders
neared riot. digs
a dredge in I. sort
as odd regret in I.
grandiose tired.
drain got desire.
I do strain greed.
disregard it– one
Señorita Rigid
Disoriented Rag
regard to inside:
dogs rear, tied in
nets. ado! erg, I rid.
a tired doe grins.
it reigns, adored
tons. drier, I aged
I, arg, endorsed it.
I, arg, need it to rid.
estranged I. I, rod.
I, ogre, stranded
in sedated rigor
storing readied
singed dart. o, ire–
erasing it odder.
it’s gained order.
giant side order.
order as editing.
notarised dirge.
not giddier eras.
a died restoring.
a reddest origin.
it dreading rose.