Sandra Simonds

Grabbed a hole.
Grabbed mother.
Was abandoned.
Saw green light.
Was grief.
Was stellar in Algebra.
Learned collapse.
Practiced collapse.
Memorized collapse.
Saw red light.
Got awarded for collapse.
Was lonely.
Learned fields.
Practiced fields.
Memorized fields.
Smoked in fields, emaciated.
Stole stickers.
Stole pencils.
Saw blue light.
Stole eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Skinned my knees.
Was brutal.
Was beyond.
Was lured.
Was yelled at.
Ran away.
Came back.
Took flights across continents alone.
Memorized books.
Became a highly-skilled reader.
Earned awards.
Went back to the dry fields and smoked.
Zoned out plenty.
Gravitated towards criminals.
Saw orange light.
Criminals turned my body into a crime scene.
Saw white light.
Left one bad state for another.
Practiced libraries.
Memorized libraries.
Mastered libraries.
Grabbed at a mother.
Grabbed at nothing.
Grabbed at a black hole.
Gave birth.
Held on.
Traveled widely with my libraries memorized.
Amassed nothing.
Became sick.
Made smoothies.
Created dioramas.
Bought house.
Was choked.
Gave birth again.
Almost bled to death.
Stayed in hospital.
Recovered from almost dying.
Took pharmaceuticals.
Went back to work.
Made more dioramas.
Saw purple light.
Went back to bed.
Made macaroni and cheese.
Amassed nothing.
Became sick again.
Took more pharmaceuticals.
Bought tent.
Bought sleeping bag.
Went camping.
Looked at the stars.
Made love.
Commuted more.
Grabbed another hole.
That wasn’t it.
Remembered what was possible.
That wasn’t it.
Became sick again.
That wasn’t it.