Jennifer MacKenzie

In reality all I’ve accomplished in this city is to hoard 
a little money. Jefferson compared cities to “sores” 
on a body. Holy shit we’re from the same terr-war 
I recognize that ruddy complexion. Really when I look 
at ads I think if your ancestors were royalty 
at least one of them’s a rapist. I hate the other members 
of my committee but why leave money when it’s coming 
nicely. A style on the foam of commerce, heroism 
of sally forth. Ok come then, let us sally, air conditioner 
and animal companions bare the soft calm of their bellies
at the untimely deaths of adult film stars. And now 
he drowned (she doesn’t completely believe it) 
War comes to peel away the gold braid covering 
the princely cousins. Watching the hula dancers’ faces 
change from serious to smiling I spy the gunships 
taking root. A burning straw with a bright mouth 
eats the time it takes to use up a life completely