A Sudden Decorative Rain

Armando Jaramillo Garcia

He stepped out of his shoes quite easily
As a dancer might turn a phrase without meaning
Or the fearless descend to hell with a wink
The party in full bloom before drink had made it wild
Or dulled the edges of its wit was sprawled
Across rooms which led to courtyards and pools
Architects amused by fools as if an ancient print had come to life
Prisoners let out for the occasion forced into performing 
The most arduous nude tableau in successive parts
Hosts fanned out among the glittering guests
All peacocks and plumes chortles and grunts
Chemical smiles and one eye on the clouds hunching down
When it began to pour models ran with high heels in their hands
An image impressed on the coat of arms
Of our humorous yet detached hero-of-sorts
Whose cohorts exclusive in age and filigree
All in a sprint for the sliding doors
Our man used the ruckus to disappear as a horse
Got loose from the stables and paraded on the lawn
In spasms of fear from every bellow and flash of the storm