A Caveat (for A. Cravan)

Armando Jaramillo Garcia

This is (about) love given without cost
About setting off sailing (down to Argentina)
The celebrations beforehand knowing you had prepared
Enough to endure the immense suffering to come
You look at your arms (and there is no weakness there)
You feel your legs (pushing against gravity like tigers)
This is (about) care given to the actions of desire
About ruining what was left (of the boy) by killing the old dog
The quiet after (and the relief of sorrow)
And let a person beware (of what’s to come)
Spinning down the air (to move the waters and trees)
This is about what is always there (but hard to see)
About draft dodging and country hopping (with forged papers)
Boxing with a prearranged result (and other business capers)
And staging your suicide (as a theater piece)
Where you berate the audience (for paying to attend such a thing)
Wearing only a strap (to show off the size of your gift)
To insult (as a form of art)
To praise only (for maximum result)