A Glossary of Vertigo

Georgia Faust

[Localizing Our Verticals]

Crowds from another night safe hold stale kind
       hollowing the prop refrigerator
       a whisper close the broken door swung shut
       holds up the rafters clavicle frames height
       two storks no bed face floor tiny crawling
       even insects rubble continuum
       elastic mantle saved by staged beauty
       that dress holes favor into the snap bond
that night all follow and etcetera

[Too Big to Fail]

the most luxurious palace quarters
       slumming in heat another in hives cubed
       learning restraint the wine fridges pluraled
       encroaching on air in the worst stated
       ghost evidences stranging condiments
       space trial warming in heat blade safety
       hold press don’t let go take it all in the
       ceiling space before the grey again Stop
The counterfeit Pollock no books on shelves

[High Rise Fire and Security]

Yesterday sleeping in a sunny square
       window traveled in air sustain a game
       inside square footage in place of out sized
       believes in sand and structure child guard
       looked down the back pedaling hand wedged
       ledge falling from the waist up over down
       tape insulation curls out of suction
       the windows appear to be are not locked
dear sweetie welcome home, behind the storm

[I am recording the sound of my speaking voice]

Systems of white noise temper the wave
       occurrence Level leanings suspend the
       bone frame Succumb to framing (when is he)
       (awake) Imitations coarse bloodletting
       Worry-free triangulation drained in
       Congested jars stocked awake Jars ingrained
       Imagine the space of mechanical
       Saunter paths allowed to breathe outside noise
       Alarm escapist air path An etiquette
to hovering in plastic projections