Alanna McArdle

in one (1) movie the woman -
           tied to a cell toilet -
     is fucked by six (6) pretend policemen.

it is thrilling
as i hate police
but more and more (7, 8)
I hate myself the          most and most. (X, Y)

i saw two (2) the other day
both good      looking
and felt       it was a shame

as they will be the first (1st) to die.

and in the movie they will die as well

       but only when i come

because i hate myself determinedly
more post-death (0)
than anyone who’s ever fucked me (19).

          another movie. (1.1)
a woman   rides  a bicycle 
with  handles  like two (2) fecund corns on cobs 
that prop her wrists
(which look a lot like mine. 2,
1, depending). 

in another movie altogether (1.2)
i debase myself 

by doing what i want.