I’m just looking for conversation. Sometimes conversation leads to something more.

 casual wise I’m not wired

I talk to a man who recently visited Dallas, where he went, by chance and not by design, to visit the Sixth Floor Museum. He has a photo of the plaza, a photo of the cameras that recorded history (his description), but he does not have (or refuses to share) a photo of the rifle.

                                                                   wrestle flannel, face
                                                                performs classy, sexy

 slothing is key

He lives at 44th and Lex and has a better view of Manhattan below him than anything that Dallas offers. Distance becomes difficult to judge from up here. The pyramidal rooftops of 23rd and 14th seem too close to my body.

  if I could say you
looking is key

  private necessity
beats eating around the bush.

He walks back into the room dressed as Dallas Cowboy. He offers me a social media account of his activities to get to know him ok. Dallas offers.

where you are sleeping / tonight is what you are reading tonight / how about downtown 5 train, little after nine / man lights himself on fire by the pants / & puts himself out.