Ah Ah Ah Adoption!

Charity Coleman

we adopt a regimen of formularies
to accommodate a ppl who are so busy
being present that they’ve obliterated the future
or they’re obliterated by the future, I dunno
don’t ask me, they’re sick o

so much rattling on about end times lalalalala
who can even get out of bed at this point
I wonder what there is to hunger for
because it’s obviously not happening
and if our hunger was for love
then we’d be more electric
not less for better or worse

canaries keep singing but I stop them to ask
the other way around it’s a gas

buckets of water on a beached shark, yaaaay
baby dolphin in a novice paparazzi mob, booooo
expired but eternal in apple products

i-been keepin real busy while you’re
trying to preempt the Funeral of Everything
to be the first in line
to view the body and take a picture
if given the chance, I’ll rise up on the beach
with Mass Extinction, the superhero
who is always alone by the way

let’s just say
I’ve been so totally surprised 
negotiating folly and vexation
I have no fear of failure and no desire to succeed
just perseverance and the belief in
oceans-worth of unknowing

that much is for sure
I’m all about defunct capital

and paying attention

we’ve tilted and continue the tilt
spilled on new sand, rolling toward adapted forms
the shadow of fixity shudders and gives
as lifetimes of sloth are being cleared
no more gagging on fat ribbons of frosting

these bunnies in the baptismal sink are nothing if not infantilized
the baby monkey has its hair brushed
the most giant cat gets a bang trim
like what am I even watching

Normally I wouldn’t bother telling any of this 
how someone comments on a song
[its nostalgic and takes me back to the beautiful time of my life when i wasnt alive]
listening to shoegaze thinking if I turned around and realized the room was on fire
I would just shrug and the movie would end before bedtime

but see          [All people in this video is dead now. Isn’t is so terrifying]
forgetting comes with the territory of being given
new names