The Fingernails

Felix Bernstein

The fingernails are medium length
and fingernail beds are blue. The
Cold air cause of melancholy.
Comets above the moon.
Confession of his grief to a friend, a principal cure of melancholy.
Conscience troubled, a cause of despair. The

Contention, brawling, lawsuits, effects. The Continent or inward causes of melancholy. Copernicus, his hypothesis of the earth's motion Crocodiles jealous. The
Cure of melancholy, unlawful, rejected; from God; of head-melancholy; over all the body; of hypochondriacal melancholy; of love-melancholy; of jealousy; of despair Cure of melancholy in himself; or friends. The "V" on the anterior of the neck and an inverted "V" on the posterior of the neck, consistent with hanging.