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Diana Tive

Felix Bernstein

Not swerving around the concrete bed of little girls

But holding them in my puny Jewish arms
That can barely pick up a weight let alone a
Jewish princess

And I can masturbate freely up the hill to climax
While grandpa sleeps in the other room


Blooming in wet pained skies Which I never grow used to Door closed swirls upward Substitution of me for you Puffing sublimes thru droplets of skin Choking out No end in sight Just figures blazing Neck twisted to peep Pillow fighting Some worms crawl thru Impaired dream cycle Picturing golden rushes Of soft Beautiful jaggèd Wooden framed maidens Seized by leisure Ever-delayed, fluttering Hissing and swinging Crunched moonbeam sky Clasping ecstatic doves Soupy fog gently seeps Drowsy boy Rest till O’erflowing Devout boy shaking Moaning shivers ‘neath night bell Eating porridge Damp covers Sweet echoes Quivering seals sludge Breaking point of morning Neon electric waters Craggly hills with slimy moss Enter the sunken dreams Can’t suppress any of them My sister’s corpse appearing each time I jerk off An eternal Rerunning Cum hitting the TV screen We used to watch TV on together