Real Raspberries

Chris Hosea

edge of known stinger stuck
to not in fresh white meat dent
must have been cooked fried
better grilled girl then maps bottom
shelf see women damp their sauce
species in that histories well down
are petrified cushions for thing gathering
yes aware of that album video game
bombs under Berlin your bedroom you
an age in years he beside a lack
lacking papers highway pink pants
they said so travel office posters no
one went to take black Santa
black thatʼs never funny that
Iʼm such a kind of rake half a year
downstate saying I want games
raspberry splotch on down white jeans
as if she can always taste
the period jam style hers in which
still wearing them real raspberry
independent instructional films
shot through with what looked like
honey money I know
you know about my soul I told you
you would your brain on same bra
most prized device giving me shivers
briny inedible salad heavy metal sprinkles
personally Iʼm always a tad surprised
when thereʼs nothing there not aghast
but what is going room olive space oil
it runs on after the fold in
her corner back up mouthguard
plastic or metal container a coach the
old salt never hard your friends said
I could torture him draw it outside
so it could get very real facebook
Hermes messenger dental dam
who else is a pen pusher for the transcript
with a warm side of hand but no go fuck yourself
this time we run it tougher speed of blab
on the vocals Mercedes Benz bag mouth
you can take a go fuck yourself
from every pause longer than a minute
an alien after all will always irreducibly
let it be as hated Beatles howʼd they
get my pills ready so fast
all nines so and forth but and wait
above a whisper step forward
not in real life just a little video game
you stack the bodies you see when you
discover they are aliens lying caring
you just char them
with the flamethrower there are more
if they are aliens thereʼs nothing
for it kill with fire some aliens will leave
of their own accord but they always come
back so just torch them up right that laugh
they are all the same in the end
they are all stacked saves on digging
better that way forget clips chips coins
dead packs pricks itʼs legal just
torch stack more will come give a warm
damn there are people watching you
you can see them or at least imagine them
up on stage their little future eyes