I Love You

Chris Hosea

if kindness and morals hold the lead
I’d like to push my head up your soul
if I could trail a fuzzy cloud-like box kite
maybe they’d see bright parcels thrum
surrounded by abstract thing violence
nothing but nuggets can I draw today
rocking rocking car gone out of
you go come forward harder
tearful men pillow your memory
I too believe you saved me by the way
you say one thing and do another
how you wash the thing that washes
perfectly applied bright red lipstick
because I didn’t think I could shape
out of green bulbs blue pink envelopes
I like it in here away from prying eyes
from being told to play the hits
think if you slip your hand down
my vector which is aimed at you
to think yesterday I forwarded you a copy
to slip on out for a few months golden
color of the fire we are to feed upon
and with inserts redolent of lavender
to wake and split the difference
your Aztec face open like a melon
that watches small ink marks cross to ruin
with little habits sudden italics
anything good to look at seems suspect
and no one keeps anyone’s council
you opened a hole in my lifetime
I fall without a sound into night sky
to pose like metal thinker replica
I will keep more copies promises
torsos striking gently after ice cream plug
I miss being bruised not recommended
existing as beauty with sharp invisible edge
mercurial long indented nose above flat lip
in eye of a spiritual champion
who peers in mirror in showroom
at you bent frontwards as on crusade
I could scout better technical terms
even and dry as powder put on popcorn
sudden freedom of unlimited photographs
young squabbling moralists in cut-
offs divided into the blessed and the bored
if I could daily quit more new normal events
as how you throw beauty in faces
sinister sun to welcome kindle your burn
never before on video easy scoff your shining hair
a ship and a pony and a lined page there
I opened a hole in my lifetime
let everyone be seen prettier
so relaxed listening whole time calm
to lose myself in decades unnoticed
under long thin blue bulbs in hallways
and what about blowouts self to self
the most private joke same author
same reader shake all else off with effort
the wrecked plane underground wires all rust
having hit the candle dimmed the lamp
surveilled by family friends bosses moles
sucking simple syrup up colored straws
if there is a good time that is good
for you and me and billions of others right now
this instant slightly dazed as storms gather
wanting only a notion vigorously true
some total complete agreement to destroy
your name and my name forever