Pavilion of Hefts

Andrew J. Smyth


You henchman of mine, you sly and elegant thing,
without whom,                                                                         like a winter
the outcome             of the matter,
                                 of the circumstance in which
                                                                                                  I find myself
this hermit-like, adulterous position,
without whom I would have nobody
                                 zero bodies
                                 to possess.


Back to the premises, which,                                                    like a hound
needing to be chained.

The fact of the body
                                somehow not only your stomach
                                but every other ancient stomach
                                all these stomachs churching                     in you

A body doing as it will                 and as it must
two bodies doing as they will       and as they must.


The observation I was nursing     was turning
in my chamber         it was           how do you feed yourself
without a companion

not a difficulty I have dissolved                                               like rain.