Gianni de Falco

universe of symptoms sandpaper speech plus carpet in the van shredded but what eyes

                        proper noun  (a simple present tense) + direct lyric object

the body in the mirror  borrowed
your around head turned (casted)  oval wet cement

Guys show on moving you lines water blunt
killing this game of crambo, I sit down

“in” “it”
so sad soft prick

“up against what (fine) honey”
rather whos turning

that face in a doorway
freckles you never had I

flashing shutters busted
thats why polaroid, why overexpose the crystals
memory is a vehicle said emerson I think

                   almost        arranged        bluer       bricolage        clabber       craquelure

mirth of spheres music
passion a form to shimmer in rain-blur
carved rock face sea-churn

mummering my desk
gums stammer wandering interminable watersheds

still on his John Deere der amerikanische König
then as Locke had it


                                    wut   ae   bod   E   ov   ie   loom   ehn   “A”    shun