Journal for the Society of American Lute Players

Adam J. Maynard

It’s an orange world
Take it a day at a time
Everything goes down the
Drain like the rain

You said you were dreaming of me
I was kissing you with no luck

Years ago the world was orange
We needed friends all the time

Don’t think about your sorrow
I used to identify with those things
Like the wind or even a psychologist

But what’s the purpose of denying education?
Don’t make everything weird
Nobody wants to wake up in a weird home

To have to make
Strange connections

I have this pet lute
It’ll never talk to me
I’m trapped in October

Things have changed
I don’t understand any of them

I have to see the Psychiatrist?

I want to go to a Chinese restaurant
Where I can get drunk
Until I feel like a glass grasshopper 

I’ve been employed
And for that I am truly thankful
Time means nothing

I enjoy your company
Standing here in the world
Like you’re not even there

If they let you be a child again
You probably wouldn’t

They don’t even know where something is