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What We Treat It As

Tom Blood

a hill so big it switches color when clouds push
armadillo red ember echo picnic

I dodder and I stray in crayfish streams
a man carrying a dirigible defense

the one we hand around is full
final and stifling, like a love or re-entry
the glove of Earth and staying seasonly
horse albatross table cloth sky

glass home pinball machine
visitation inertia, bear pawing at trash
puff of fog, flash, resembler’s ring
string overflow feather piano and penny

our horses wander and field
a man carrying dirigibles over,
a hero as much as Kenny Rodgers cries
on an airplane, about the alone

I ride trolley, trains and sky ferry bus
on a hollow rocket, I head forward by propulsion
to hold you as a soft packed strawberry

our love left, like a napkin on catered table
an embrace drawing of a yet to be

we cannot live in a world that does not distinguish
between the deep sea and our dropping off
as feathers mast our rhino sails
the overture above, expanding

bats creak the sky hero of what we rise,
we exchange keys
a brown coat and polishing tongue

we cannot accustom to disillusionment
satellites find and then we are nebulous
material only in the neighborhood
exchanged glasses