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Talking Can Be Not Easy

Tom Blood

as people reveal to you you will love them
the explicable is instant
showing a lion in other mediums
cloud birds thrush together gray

shadows stick to the floor like the days menus
we are trapped in transitions
carried between places by our need for love
moving like mute actors in plays

the water mountain stream does not stop
by our presence, seeing words in other mediums

talking is not always the easiest way to say things with clay
with our hands buried in horses, as king
the day thrown over our shoulders as a bird gown

a black lion crawling in the snow
and the continuing theme of questions
if I would pose, it would be as a centaur, invisible
to my surroundings

I have buried my horse in glass
in songs, set to the table presence
on a jaguar path, a chunk of marble

we were there and not knowing what was happening
so we didn’t use words in that moment

I have not died but allowed aspirations to pass
as feathers need refilling, so memories take glass
my leg shadows make an incomplete walk

the yard grows to a mysticism
as you reveal to your neighborhood it will love you
as anything explicable is probably not instant
we look at each other on the train as veterans
being mystery at every station of the cross town ride
meeting someone for the time of reversing the self through talk

and then proof in the mirror arises
in the darkness of a transit authority bench