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A fundamentally unserious man
asks you to dinner, laughing, “I insist.”
Can you refuse? You can’t be sure you can.

Although he isn’t handsome, tall, or tan
(you could add other isn’ts to the list),
this fundamentally unserious man

seems half sincere—and what’s more tempting than
being with two minds at once? You can resist,
yes, but refuse? You can’t be sure you can.

Who said love has to taste like powdered bran?
Why not permit your plot a little twist?
The fun, the generally unserious man

at least has no grand hopes, no ripening plan;
the one-track types, as long as they persist,
you can refuse. You can’t be sure you can

this time…and afterwards, on your divan,
who knows? Once you’ve already sort of kissed
this fundamentally unserious man,
can you refuse? You can’t be sure. (You can.)