dumb theory

Jenny Zhang

candy mottled whores or layered
clinker donkey
the stench of a heroine’s creamed fats
over cream by introducing cream
that doth cream and sponge cream
amid cream to finish cream I go
I’ll take to deserve cream
“no, indeed”
“to finish the scenic route”
I cream as much as I care
to cream okay
there I go
fluffy sugar creamed fats
over cream
techniques of the creamed
I like to see cream
I like intrigue
the scenic route
the Pacific object
the industrial heroine
the volume of “cream”
to “creamed” is the volume
of cream philosophy introducing
the charm of cream
the charm of other origins
the charm of “under creaming”
the charm of a destination
the heroine’s ceremony
an object to be admired
to deserve a heroine
to deserve a ceremony
to deserve
indeed, to deserve as much
indeed, to demand as much!