dubious, damn near u-
         nanimously so, but also seen as
                 gracious if of a kindness

    kinda strange, strange, but then seen too as
                                 one, one,
                      alone but also so somehow
             so emphatically so... & also, yes, seen as one ever in

thought yet thriving way off in the sprawliest

                 pile of place yet all the
        while not, somehow, um,
              & not, no, not not

                    at all seen right now
         as nude, OK, yeah, sure thing, but then
                           what is non-
                  nudity but

                       the immensest
  conceived? & what,
            let’s ask, too, what’s

an utterance, what’s a word & what is
      space, space, plain or sillily
            bulky? & what,
                 finally, what oh

                       what the
                          fuck is
                fame but pure
                               force of

                        face, combed,