Two-Part Invention for One Voice

Varun Ravindran

“Music: Time that one wants neither to arrest nor hasten.”    

  —Simone Weil

Running from. Running to. Running whence for who where to.

Now girdling now girdled now what is is. Is mindwide. What

is is and is windlong wide-as-mind sea-high now, seahigh now

now poised on a reef, on a pin, pinned to a pricking asking

running from or to and from where?                               

                                                           For who?

To? To who? You?                             

                               You or me? Me? Running to me?

From now?                                        

                 Me or you now soft as a steamed envelope, hushed as fading coal?

Me or you now perched on a cage swung from a long, wrung, tow?

What can be is —                                      

                                         But what is, me or you, and where to?

What is is —

                                        And where? In what fading like hushed coal

What can be is now —   hushed like the stone in

                                       the wet rut of a rush

o what is is now,             of a ripening plum?

is now swinging on a long, wrung, tow.