Carrie MacLeod

how in dry & slight purpose do we bore our tremor
glazing a failure from its onus into twice its failure into twice
a grass peeled collected & halved
just the core of existentialism i am not concerned with its total mass
we built branch davidian multiplexes to cover these floodplains i would argue that
they have nerved their last fever
in a break in a breach in grease two if by sea
narwhal the alien more cryogenically hunted than burt dow
& i saw a tugboat fail to make its catch a lie a bale at sea in delayed crisis
no one lies to the deep water if at all they lie to the ice
to the drill a marriage of receipt more rock in seize
i bore my contained core into captions of fossilized fish
from augment to berm from camp to teapot
a piss of salt into white desert alignment
a brine of salt into separate sheath
& broken break of shed salt sinks to feed a cloistered scientist
pooling in a logical headgate his rescue varied
sweeping northward over the falls & circulating toward africa
i want his body to sink to go
deep & ply bottom water
the rest of rhythmic howl inside  
a warm sink of mint from green belly’s miner & the fade of ships
trust light caught darwin in an aryan dream fiddling with pyrotechnics
warmer the lotus of sun
& floating northward to europe
he is a briny eel who survives as a diving wish upon mussels
no friend to alimentary bones
i passed the breast of his dominant flutter in greenland
a homily
a nocturnal grimace in tackled horns
to heap cold he prayed feel violent basic breath
to intone the weight of the wide breath he aligned salt
& they muted
to be great foxes at war
& feared the north for a breath of deep please in ice moving westward
to the dark tunnel of silent blood the capillary & his body burrows the foundry
the rise of strait
in shallow sister maps
to be slowed
& warmed flowing southward
warmer the brains of hollywood
i am an old hag burying in a propellor aghast to drag his body from south to north to south again
from cold to warm to cold heavy salt
all systems shatter the world record for fighting men & their pirouettes
drinking brandy in tents or coffee or candy bars
your core is my core in ice or in calabasas
i simply fall into the sea & it follows me to its reading