The Yes Sound

Ryan Collins

Some ears hear only in the affirmative, eventually
hearing only the yes. Some prophylactic measures
are futile, the way caring for the plight of others
is futile, even more so than the plight of our own
ears, satellites in near orbit, eyelash orbit, tomb-
stone orbit. Danger closer than the edge of visible
exhales in winter, simultaneously reachable & out-
side of our touch. To see the reach of cold breath
is a terrible example of not seeing the trees the trees
but too much of the forest, too much half in mind
& half outside it, too used to the sound of our own
voices saying yes when nature & every living thing in
it is saying to us no please & thank you. But what does
anyone but us know, really? Why not take the time
to make a presentation, complete with infographics
& color schemes & laser beams aimed at our dilated
pupils to blind us & bind us to our arms’ lengths?
The universe just beyond our reach, like a bull’s eye
on a dart board, but the grasping continues, comes
up short, shallow as a death rattle. Even the always
when no means no, the echo screams to some yes yes
yes & not all the invisible hands on deck will be able
to pull us back on board or to pry us from the wreck.