"The Self, i.e. in a Field."

Ian U Lockaby

Everything inside of you is 
watching you 
from the outside
What you hold your camera toward, tells—
I am extensions of myself held in blue light
Containing multitudes but never as populous as those
Soil microbiomes in my background that
Are just called dirt 
                                       in the comments
Technology has advanced 
to where—
           the camera phone 
is a phone and a camera and
instead we call it—
                                       an i
for an eye, 
you hold your phone up towards yourself to know
your self, and it tells on you 
                          over and over, meanwhile
Phones on a cord 
                          have been re-re-named
          landlines and everything else 
                                                         is up in the air
                                       Lines electric in the soil— in the dusk,
the blue light 
                                       in the distance, goes dark