The New Gold

YL Xue

Money should now arrive 
through consensus, trustless, to all parties.

The dog listens for thumping, links 

of a chain, signs of ownership. Sovereignty is out, networking is in.

I am excited by the talk of tulips, mass delusion, buying
on the rebound.

When the siren sounds, she howls. Is it instinct?
And if so, for what? Mourning

and Melancholia argues the difference between grief
and narcissism is keeping the dead object

alive inside. Amoebas sometimes project false
feet, sometimes clone themselves.

“Watch it, Football head, “ said
Helga Pataki, despite her gum ball shrine, her closet diety,

alerting us to the disappointment of natural endowments,

the random and veiled and unreadable
ledger of

the distributions of goods and talents.