Jessica Laser

He tooled around in the back shed, Greg,
While I took a bath in the watershed. In fact,
I trampled the whole series of flowerbeds—
Ours and those of our neighbors, whose
From ours are separated by a fence.
Tuning to the staticky dictionary, Greg
Listened for a definition of my condition
While tentatively I snorkeled
A remote, sparkling sea. Winter came.
I tied a sheet around our bed. Adrift
In deep melting ices, I tried to shun the obvious
And lost the ease I forewent. Did you take it?
I thought my homes better this way, stranger,
Engagements broken off for truer love,
And the fact that I live and someday won’t
Made beautiful. How did you take them?
As a star in my allegiance glaring down?
Let that be light enough to turn it off.
Thoughts so permissible need not be had at all.