Specimens of Dynamics

Joe Fletcher

Hercules made of marble
Noise of waves
Breaking a rope

Swedish mathematical simpleton
Courage under torture
A Vandal king
Unconscious plagiarism

Scarlet trumpet sound
Drawings of medallions
Molyneux’s problem
A selective madman

The brain an elastic screen
Chess on horseback
Socrates’ itching feet
A willing prisoner

The drunkard’s compulsion
A weak-willed dieter
A slow retreat from alcohol
Deception by Lord Mountain

King Philip’s reminder
Throwing pears at pins
Existence of the Antipodes
Murdering an old man

Map of the land of Tenderness
An impudent lawyer
Birds in the sun
Hunting for identical leaves

Repairing Theseus’s ship
A duplicate world
Lies about childbirth
Alexander the Great’s dreams

Trick pictures
What a porter knows about weights
The false Martin Guerre
The wickedness of stabbing

The vanishing heap
A conjecture about pollen
Relations with planetary men
Oyster and oyster

An ill-shaped Abbott
A monk named “Calf”
Stripping Harlequin’s clothes
A word with fifty meanings

A fanciful shepherd
Two Venuses
Testing a chain

Training-wheels for scientists
The Abbé Foucher’s misbehavior
Pigeons in a dovecote
An unauthorized reprint

Men are like gods
If explorers behaved like intellectuals
Invasion by Australians
An octogenarian founds geometry

Punishment of a child
Two proofs that brutes cannot abstract
A source of bullets
Spoiling a neighbor’s view

Wasting time on the young
Water on the moon
Siamese disbelief
Religious discipline

The coming revolution
An historic question
Unfounded slander
A projected history

“Musical cadences”
Animals more evolved than us
Dependence on spectacles
Debasing coinage

Predicting an eruption
Believe it because it is absurd
The Bible’s literal meaning
Disputes about Aristotle

A dangerous prophet
The shoemaker makes gold?
Challenging a professor
A dying man distracts the devil